Announces the Spring 2014 Graduate School Rankings


Englewood, NJ (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

Where to go to graduate school? It can be an exhilarating yet complex, decision for any young adult. The choices are seemingly endless and the weight of the final determination can be overwhelming. But what if a website made this decision much easier?

Graduate Programs recognizes that need and is delighted to announce the second ever Top Graduate Programs in America. It’s a comprehensive list of the best graduate programs in the country, based solely on ratings and reviews posted on When the time comes to choose between graduate programs, Graduate Programs is here to help.

Data analysis based on actual experience, this extensive list of programs was compiled using information submitted by current and recent grad students between Sept. 1, 2012 and April 15, 2014. The rankings encompass reviews posted by more than 60,000 students participating in over 1,500 graduate programs. Ratings are based on a 10-star system (with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best).

For a complete list, please visit

The top graduate programs in the country are:

Business and Management: Rice University (9.2 stars)

Accounting: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (9.9 stars)

Business Administration: Rice University (9.1 stars)

Executive MBA: University of Virginia (9.7 stars)

Full-time MBA: Harvard University (9.5 stars)

Marketing: University of California-Los Angeles (9.3 stars)

Part-time MBA: The University of Iowa (9.1 stars)

Communications: California State University, Fullerton (9.2 stars)

Education: University of California-Berkeley (9.4 stars)

Adult Education: University of Missouri-Columbia (9.2 stars)

Curriculum and Instruction: Purdue University-West Lafayette (9.9 stars)

     Counselor Education: Old Dominion University (9.4 stars)

     Education Administration: Providence College (9.2 stars)

     Elementary Education: University of Arkansas (9.4 stars)

     Educational Leadership: California State University, Los Angeles (9.8 stars)

     Higher Education: Boston University (9.7 stars)

     Secondary Education: American University (9.7 stars)

     Special Education: University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus (9.8 stars)

     Teacher Certification: University of Virginia (9.7 stars)

Engineering: Rice University (9.1 stars)

     Biomedical Engineering: Columbia University (9.5 stars)

     Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Penn State University Park (9.6 stars)

     Civil Engineering: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9.1 stars)

     Computer Science: Carnegie Mellon University (9.6 stars)

     Electrical Engineering: Purdue University-West Lafayette (9.6 stars)

     Engineering Management: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9.3 stars)

     Mechanical Engineering: Case Western Reserve University (9.6 stars)

Fine Arts and Architecture:

     Architecture: University of Utah (8.8 stars)

     Art: American University (9.1 stars)


Healthcare Administration: Oregon Health and Science University (9.7 stars)

Health Policy and Management: Tulane University (9.7 stars)    

Kinesiology: University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (9.3 stars)

Mental Health Counseling: University of Southern California (9.7 stars)

Nutritional Science: Northeastern University (9.6 stars)

Occupational Therapy: University of Indianapolis (9.4 stars)

Physical Therapy: University of Wisconsin-Madison (9.0 stars)

Physician Assistant: Quinnipiac University (9.4 stars)

Public Health: Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center (9.3 stars)


Criminal Justice: University of Maryland, University College (9.7 stars)

     JD: University of Colorado, Boulder (8.7 stars)

Liberal Arts and Humanities:

English: University of Colorado, Boulder (9.9 stars)

Theology/Religious Studies: University of Washington Seattle (9.5 stars)

Medicine and Dental

     Anatomy: Pacific University Oregon (9.4 stars)

     Dental Medicine: University of Florida (9.2 stars)

     MD: Emory University (9.1 stars)

     Nursing: University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus (9.2 stars)

     Pharmacy: Butler University (9.3 stars)

     Veterinary: Virginia Tech (9.7 stars)

Public Affairs:

Public Administration: The University of Texas at Arlington (9.0 stars)

     Public Policy: Rutgers University-New Brunswick (9.5)


Biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology: University of California-Irvine     (9.5 stars)

     Biology: Indiana University, Bloomington (9.5 stars)

     Chemistry: Rice University (9.2 stars)

     Information Science: Northwestern University (9.9 stars)

     Mathematics: Stanford University (9.6 stars)

     Neuroscience: The Ohio State University (9.2 stars)

     Physics: University of California-Santa Barbara (9.1 stars)

     Speech-Language Pathology: Long Island University Brooklyn Campus (9.5 stars)

Social Sciences:

Anthropology: Cornell University (9.8 stars)

Economics: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9.8 stars)

History: Harvard University (9.8 stars)

Political Science: Arizona State University (8.9 stars)

Psychology: Harvard University (9.1 stars)

Social Work: University of Southern California (8 stars)

Sociology: Duke University (9.3 stars)

Students don’t just leave ratings and reviews. They often post more personal experiences about their respective programs. One Virginia Tech Class of 2015 Veterinary doctoral student wrote, “Obtaining a veterinary degree yields a high volume of work and an increased stress level. With that being said, Virginia Tech’s veterinary professors and clinicians strive to assist students with their needs. Professors and clinicians are able to help with class work or finding jobs and externships and the staff in the admissions office is always willing to help you find someone who can help you. Although our caseload is smaller than some other schools, there are still ample and varied cases to learn from and hands on experiences are promoted!”

Students can continue to review their programs at and qualify to win a $ 1,000 scholarship, awarded once per semester. Reviews will be incorporated into upcoming program rankings.

METHODOLOGY reaches current and recent graduate students through scholarship entries as well as social media platforms. assigns 15 ranking categories to each graduate program at each graduate school. Rankings cover a variety of student topics, such as academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid, and quality of network.

For a given graduate program, rankings are determined by calculating the average score for each program based on the 15 ranking categories. These scores are then compared across all ranked schools for that program and are translated into a final ranking for that graduate program, i.e., business and management. A given graduate program is not ranked until a minimum threshold of graduate student surveys is completed for that graduate program.

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Internationally Recognized Researcher Ming-Hui Zou Named Director of New Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine


Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) March 12, 2015

Dr. Ming-Hui Zou, an internationally recognized researcher in molecular and translational medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, has been named the founding director of the new Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine at Georgia State University.

He is also a Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) Eminent Scholar in Molecular Medicine, becoming the seventh eminent scholar at the university.

Zou’s research focuses on cardiovascular complications related to diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

“Georgia State is excited to welcome Dr. Zou as the founding director of the university’s new Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine,” said Dr. James Weyhenmeyer, vice president for research and economic development. “This center is designed to meet healthcare needs by converting significant research findings into diagnostic tools and medicines that will help improve the health of individuals. Dr. Zou has made tremendous achievements in cardiovascular research, and he will certainly be an asset as he leads research efforts that could potentially help millions of people suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses.”

At the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Zou held two endowed chairs and was chief of the Section of Molecular Medicine, vice chair for research in the Department of Medicine, Warren Chair in diabetes research and professor of medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology. He holds a doctorate and medical degree.

He has received prestigious awards from the American Heart Association, including the Career Development Award, Irvin H. Page Atherosclerosis Research Award and National Established Investigator Award. He has also received the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Independent Investigator Award and the Regents’ Award for Superior Research & Creative Activity from the University of Oklahoma. He was awarded the George Lynn Cross Research Professor position, the highest research honor a faculty member may receive from the University of Oklahoma, in 2013.

In addition, he was elected in 2008 to the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the most prestigious society for young physician-scientists in the United States.

Zou studies the role of oxidative stress in vascular biology and disease. He is recognized for making influential discoveries in cardiovascular research, including identifying the role of two key proteins involved in the vessel pathology that leads to vascular disease. He has previously collaborated with the pharmaceutical companies Eli Lilly and Merck to develop new drugs and conduct clinical trials, and he plans to develop new therapeutics for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

He has eight grants from the National Institutes of Health totaling $ 21 million through 2019. He also has competitive grants totaling $ 17 million from other organizations, including the American Heart Association.

“Dr. Zou is a world-renowned scientist with a proven track record of outstanding research activity,” said Michael Cassidy, president and chief executive officer of the Georgia Research Alliance. “He is a strong addition to GRA’s Academy of Eminent Scholars and we look forward to having him at GSU and collaborating with our partner research universities.”

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