Stone Memorial Lecture set for March 21

Stone Memorial Lecture set for March 21
Harris received a bachelor of arts degree in biochemical sciences from Harvard University and a doctorate in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San …
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Preview of Topics at HPLC 2016
Large-scale protein biochemistry, otherwise known as proteomics, was enabled by the protein sequence infrastructure created by genome sequencing. Tandem mass spectrometers create spectra of peptides that can be used to search sequence databases to …
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Why is my professor still not black?
British Science Week is a good time to try to find out who the black leaders of British science in 2016 are. It is also the second … Winston Morgan is reader in toxicology and clinical biochemistry at the University of East London. British Science …
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Abnormal Proteins Found in ALS and Like Diseases Are 'Tagged' to Form Clumps

Abnormal Proteins Found in ALS and Like Diseases Are 'Tagged' to Form Clumps
For this experiment, the team used yeast cells and techniques in molecular genetic, biochemistry and cell fluorescence to find another subunit in this complex that “controls” protein quality. The Rqc2 enzyme targets the abnormal proteins that “escape …
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Her Determination is Inspiring! This Nigerian Woman has Graduated with a First
She is a married woman who has had many failed attempts at studying medicine that took her from Ogun state, to the UK, and then to Okada in Edo state, before finally graduating with a First class from the Department of Biochemistry, University of Lagos.
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How cancer cells fuel their growth
Since the 1920s, scientists have known that cancer cells generate energy differently than normal cells, a phenomenon dubbed the “Warburg effect” after its discoverer, German biochemist Otto Warburg. Human cells normally use glucose as an energy source, …
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Graduate School Test Preparation: MCAT Biochemistry Review, 2016

Kaplan MCAT Biochemistry Review 2016

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Bevier named 2016 Principal's Award winner

Bevier named 2016 Principal's Award winner
FAIRFIELD — Alex Bevier, Lawrence High School senior, has been selected to receive the 2016 Principal's Award, according to a news release fromLHS Principal Mark Campbell. The award, sponsored by the Maine Principals' Association, is given in …
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Rights To UCLA-Developed Prostate Cancer Drug Sold For .14B
Research into the drug began in the early 2000s and was conducted by teams led by Michael Jung, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and Dr. Charles Sawyers, a former professor of medicine urology and pharmacology and a researcher at UCLA's …
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Southern Miss Professor Working to Create Spatial Bug Repellent
Dr. Paige Buchanan, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Southern Mississippi, has been working with the Army on topics related to the development and application of spatial insect repellents …
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Some bacterial CRISPRs can snip RNA, too

Some bacterial CRISPRs can snip RNA, too
"It is gratifying to see how much we can learn from the extraordinary protein diversity that exists in the microbial and viral world, especially when it is combined with rigorous biochemistry," said Bhaya. She added "I think our colleague, Karl …
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Meet the Dundee student with Scotland's silliest name
By Xantha Leatham, 4 Mar 2016 1.29pm … Michael, who is from Edinburgh and currently studying biochemistry at the University of Dundee, said: “I remember reading a list of funny names that people had chosen and decided to look into changing mine.
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Professor works on new chemistry tool
Shaw, an assistant professor of biochemistry, and Alireza Abdolvahabi, a graduate student from Tehran, Iran, working with him on the project, are developing a new tool to help blind children learn chemistry. Rather than relying solely on their sense of …
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Stop signals against protein clumps

Stop signals against protein clumps
As researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry report in the current issue of Nature, they have now decoded a new cellular mechanism for the development of aggregates. Missing stop signals in the production of proteins lead erroneously to …
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Soybeans: Part 2
Navigating incredibly numerous claims and counterclaims as to its benefits or perils is labyrinthine for one like myself without a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Whole soybeans must be boiled or fermented to counteract the side effects of saponins, lectins and …
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Texas Tech biochemistry undergrad programs earn full accreditation
Texas Tech's undergraduate programs in biochemistry have received accreditation for the next seven years, the longest allowable term, from the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, or ASBMB. According to an acceptance letter from …

'Gut' bacteria may help put a kink in family obesity cycle

'Gut' bacteria may help put a kink in family obesity cycle
The study was co-authored by Hans Vogel in the Faculty of Science and the Cumming School of Medicine; and PhD students Heather Paul, in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology graduate program in the Cumming School of Medicine, and Marc Bomhof, …
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Trinity immunologists find new ways to beat the 'bad guys'
Professor in Immunology Ed Lavelle, from Trinity's School of Biochemistry and Immunology, and Dr Elizabeth Carroll have uncovered the mechanism by which a promising vaccine adjuvant, chitosan, induces an immune response. The Trinity team's discovery …
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Social amoeba cast wide, lethal DNA nets to kill invading bacteria
HOUSTON – (March 1, 2016) — When confronted with invading bacteria, cells within the multicellular slug stage of the social amoeba (Dictyostelium discoideum) immediately seek to kill them, casting extracellular traps made of DNA nets studded with …
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