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College of William and Mary: Research Scientist

The salary is commensurate with experience. :College of William and Mary: Use biochemical and biophysical methods to investigate host defense molecules and identify principles for useful applications in infectious diseases. College of William & Mary, Williamsburg

UPENN School of Medicine: Academic/Industry Postdoctoral Position

Salary commensurate with experience:UPENN School of Medicine: The Penn Center for Pulmonary Biology (PCPB), under the direction of Dr. Edward E. Morrisey, has an exceptional opportunity available for a Postdoc... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Structural basis for lipopolysaccharide extraction by ABC transporter LptB2FG

Structural insights into POT1-TPP1 interaction and POT1 C-terminal mutations in human cancer

Allosteric inhibition of aminopeptidase N functions related to tumor growth and virus infection

Human PrimPol activity is enhanced by RPA

Chelation and stabilization of berkelium in oxidation state +IV

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