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Heal with Nature


Ayurveda is a long established remedy of India, originated 5,000 years ago. This old healing treatment emphasizes on the health of entire body, soul and body. It is done all the way through from creating equilibrium of five essentials space, air, water, earth and fire in the body through lifestyle, diet and exercise. Ayurveda is came up from two Sanskrit words. Ayu means life and Veda, means the awareness of or knowledge, thus, Ayurveda means the knowledge of life.

 Nature Villa Kerela Ayurvedic is a spa and beauty centre specially made to render bliss in to your body, mind and spirit – a little fact that the aromatic atmosphere confirms as you step in. Replete with especially designed packages full of traditional medicinal therapies to suit all body types, this retreat has carved a special place in the hearts of its loyalists with its skilled and unmatched services to heal you from within. Easily Accessible to all, it is favourably located in Kharghar area of Navi Mumbai. Justifiably regarded as among the few places in the city to offer not just wellness services but also guidance for a wholesome lifestyle, this centre educates on balanced diet, exercises and other natural therapies at home to keep your skin and soul beautiful. The spa centre offers great pocket friendly deals featuring Ayurvedic facials, steam massages, foot relaxing therapies and many more. Open all seven days for a complete medi-spa for the whole family, Nature Villa gets you the best services from the experts. This treatment not only works on the physical aspects of the human body, but also believes in inner healing.

Ayurveda Clinic is in Navi Mumbai with easy access to Bus Stop and Railway Station. The clinic is catering to the needs of diverse people. It is the abode of Kerala Panchakarma which imparts the healing touch of Ayurveda in the most traditional way by well experienced physician. All kinds of chronic symptoms like paralysis, spondylitis, back ache, asthma, mental diseases, migraine, diabetes, eye and skin diseases like psoriasis and gynaecological problems are given treatment

If it’s the price which is worrying you or setting you back then no worries, you can log on to dealsandyou.com to avail different packages which will be comforting to your pocket. If you don’t wish to just depend on make up for the natural look, you could head the therapy or spa way, vouched by celebrities. All you need to do is lie back and enjoy being pampered!

You can find many such alluring spas only a few clicks away. You can log on to many online sites for discounted rates one of them being dealsandyou. If you are not aware of what dealsandyou is and how to go about it here is little detail about it. dealsandyou is group buying portal that features daily deal on the best places to eat, see, do and buy in some of the leading cities in India.You can also visit www.dealsandyou.com and start shopping. Also Log on to their Face book and Twitter pages http://www.facebook.com/SmartDeals and http://twitter.com/#!/DealsandYou too. You can shop through their FB shopping cart too and enjoy the various applications they have on their social networking sites.

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Nature Cleanse Review – Is it Worth It?

I have tried almost every colon cleansing product out there! And trust me there’s a lot, I try and review everyone equal and I do this by breaking it down into pros’s and con’s. So as you read you will discover what both the pro’s and con’s of Nature Cleanse are. Before beginning I just wanted to add that I really enjoyed the marketing Nature Cleanse did they really took a different/unique path and it really encouraged me that maybe this product would be as good as I thought it would be! But now let’s get into the pro’s and con’s in my Nature Cleanse review:

1) It is all natural. Let’s be honest, who on earth wants to have a colon cleanser full of chemicals? I know I don’t! Nature cleanse, as the name suggests, is all natural. And to me and my team that is really important. Since it’s all natural that also means that there are NO side effects.

2) Nature Cleanse is older. Well it’s not too old, maybe 4 months or so. But an older product means that more people have bought it. This is a pro because you know that if it was a terrible product or even a scam it wouldn’t still be around!

3) It has a free trial. This is a huge pro! The way I see it is that if a product has a free trial than they are so confident that you’ll want to try their product over and over again that they’ll give it to you for awhile for free!
Now here is the one con:

1) I bought this product awhile ago and it didn’t have free trial, it cost something like 20 dollars. Now it’s not that I’m complaining but they all of a sudden just started to give away a free trial. I hope this Nature Cleanse review has helped you decide on whether it’s right for you or not!

Read our exclusive Nature Cleanse Review. You will be shocked at what you discover! Nature Cleanse Review

UNMC Researcher Part of Study in Nature Cell Biology

UNMC Researcher Part of Study in Nature Cell Biology
“The focus of my laboratory is on understanding the trafficking or movement of proteins from point to point within the cell,” said Dr. Caplan said, professor, biochemistry and molecular biology. “We have extensively studied and characterized a family …
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Penn State's Medvedev receives National Science Foundation CAREER award
Paul Medvedev, an assistant professor in the department of computer science and engineering, the department of biochemistry and molecular biology and the Genome Sciences Institute at the Huck at Penn State, has received a five-year National Science …
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University researchers make breakthrough in lung cancer research
Marty W. Mayo, one of the researchers on the team and a biochemistry and molecular genetics associate professor, said this led them to believe the metastatic cells were leaving behind proteins which interacted with naïve cells. “Ultimately we …
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Embrace the Season with Nature Journaling

Refresh your Journaling Practice

Few sights are more inspiring than rows of trees bursting into flame with the red and gold leaves of fall. Unless it’s the fist pink blossoms of spring. No matter what the season, it’s likely you’ll encounter a few days that provide an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the natural beauty around you to explore your journaling self with refreshed spirit.

Pick a day when the weather seems to be begging you to go for a long walk. In the autumn, you want a day that’s cool and breezy yet with plentiful sunshine. In winter, you might need your heavy coat, and don’t forget warm socks! Bring your journal, a pen, and a blanket, and set out on a nature journaling adventure.

Prepare to Journal: Move, Listen, Write

1. Follow your instincts and walk to a quiet, peaceful place where you can write without too many distractions. You can stay as close as the neighborhood park around the corner or go as far as a day hike on mountain trails. Go wherever you are likely to feel positive and inspired.

2. As you walk, resist the temptation to listen to music and instead allow your mind to become more still and serene with every step. Become aware of your breathing and the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Pay attention to the people you meet, animals, plants, and whatever else is nearby.

3. Find a good spot to sit, spread out your blanket (or find a park bench or bring a folding chair), and make yourself comfortable. Take a few easy breaths, open your journal, and write about your thoughts and observations.


Writing Therapy Cures! Let Inspiration Flow

If you’re too cold, or too hot, or otherwise uncomfortable, move elsewhere until you find the place where you can relax and let nature’s muse play with your imagination. Then let it fly!

Here are some prompt ideas to get you started:

• Write about what you see in front of you right now. Record the flora, the fauna, the weather. Enjoy describing them in detail.

• Collect a few brightly colored leaves and describe them vividly. Bring the leaves home with you to press or glue into your journal later. Or, in winter, choose a stone or tree and illustrate it in words.

• Write a short story about animals that live in your area. What are their habits? What are their days like, and their nights?

• Describe your feelings about the season. What are your most favorite and least favorite parts? Let in some memories that the season tends to bring back to you every year.

• Consider what smells you associate with the season and what memories and emotions they bring up. Do you smell wood smoke and immediately think of reading by the fireplace as a child? Or do you remember the smell of hot dogs and popcorn from football games? Or maybe the fragrance of pines on frosty mornings takes you back to school days.

The more you practice your journal writing, the more you recognize where inspiration comes from, and the greater respect you gain for wonders of every kind. And natural wonders are, of course, at the top of the list.


By Mari L. McCarthy – Journal / Writing Therapist. Does the holiday season stress you out? Journal your way to a stress-free holiday, with Mari’s help. Mari’s trademarked program, Journaling for the Health of It! ™, helps her clients live healthier and happier lives. Please visit the Journaling for the Health of It blog.


"Nature": Synthesis of structurally pure carbon nanotubes using

And here is how they pulled it off: the CNTs “assembled themselves”, as it were, out of tailor-made organic precursor molecules on a platinum surface, as reported by the researchers in the latest issue of the journal ” Nature “. … For some time, the Empa team working under the direction of Roman Fasel, Head of the Laboratory at Empa and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Berne, has been investigating the subject of “how molecules can be …

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"Nature": Synthesis of structurally pure carbon nanotubes using

Japanese researcher's death highlights problems in dealing with …

… the STAP controversy deeply disturbing. The STAP controversy began in January over two papers published in the journal Nature

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Japanese researcher's death highlights problems in dealing with …

Journal retracts two papers after being caught manipulating citations …

Earlier this week, in a story by Richard van Noorden, Nature revealed the hidden workings of a scheme referred to as “citation stacking” that has landed a number of journals in trouble.

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Journal retracts two papers after being caught manipulating citations …

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